About Our Pants​

American Work pants are an essential tool for all professionals required to squat, kneel and use their knees to support their body weight. Thanks to their built-in knee-pad pockets and replaceable knee pads, American Workpants can greatly reduce knee injuries such as tendonitis, arthritis, and bursitis. These major injuries are slow to heal, leading to reduced productivity, poor job satisfaction, and disabilities.

American Work pants are made from a lightweight poly/cotton twill material which reduces sweating and discomfort while withstanding a rough labor environment. All American Work pants are proudly designed and manufactured by American workers in California, USA.

Who Wears American Work Pants?

Professionals in the automobile and flooring industries, painters, construction workers, plumbers, and more spend large parts of their day squatting. The knees take most of the body weight when kneeling, a position they are not designed to hold. The built-in knee pads in the American Work pants create a soft cushion where the knee meets the floor, relieving pressure, and creating a soft surface similar to a foam mattress.


American Work pants are the statement piece of any uniform. Their style and cut make them incredibly comfortable work pants that enhance your professional appearance and proudly represent the American flag.

We believe that if you want to live in a country that produces a wide variety of products, you have to purchase the products your country makes!

It’s more important than ever for Americans to invest in and buy American-made products. There was a time, not too long ago, when the vast majority of the products consumers used were American-made. However, to increase their profits, most American companies moved their manufacturing productions to foreign soil, seeking cheap labor. Aside from patriotism, buying American helps create a brighter, more stable future for our country, as we support local businesses.

Additionally, supporting domestic manufacturing reinforces our local communities, strengthening them from within. The most solid foundation we can build our national economy upon is Americans buying American-made products.


Why should we buy American-made products?

Job Creation!
When you choose American-made products, you help create jobs for your fellow Americans! You help American families thrive financially, enhancing our countrymen's standard of living.
American Independence!
We are proud of our nation's independence and understand that relying on other countries to supply our needs is counterintuitive to our national pride. America was once a manufacturing powerhouse but now relies heavily on other countries' exports to ensure we have the goods we need to meet our consumption demands. Buying products manufactured at home will significantly reduce our reliance on foreign exports.
Higher Labor Standards!
When we manufacture products at home, we ensure the working conditions are in accordance with our country's Labor Laws. When we import goods, we have no control over the working conditions and the moral dilemmas often related to them. In many cases, buying imported goods supports violations against workers abroad.
Help the Trade Deficit
The amount of America's imported goods is significantly higher than our exports. This deficit creates an imbalance that causes tremendous harm to our economy. Investing in American-made goods reduces our need to import from other countries, strengthening our economy through deficit reduction.
Help The Environment!
Domestic products have a shorter journey from the manufacturer. This shorter travel distance drastically decreases our carbon footprint.
Keep Our Money Within!
Buying from companies manufacturing domestically with American materials and workers keeps American dollars within our country. The money from purchases, wages, and taxes, creates a circulatory system that keeps American money in our own economy.

Unique Features


Made in USA

Built tough with quality in mind.


Knee Pad Pocket

To insert knee pads if needed be.


Utility Knife Pocket

Easy access to your multi-tools.


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